Monday, August 22, 2011

Ellie: Months 4-7

Ellie is now 8 months, so here is a quick recap of months 4-7.

4 Months: chubby and sweet.

5 Months: sitting up, and loves sucking on bottom lip.

6 Months: starts crawling (our earliest crawler by 2 months!), eating, and now too big & wiggly for swing.

7 months: standing up, climbing stairs. Where did this kid come from?

Ellie is so great, we love how funny and energetic she is.


kseal said...

Beautiful family, K and Rich! Your little boy is killing me with his cuteness in these pics, and I can't believe how big your girls are. Best wishes!

Elysa said...

What cutie! It was so fun to meet her in person!